Dysport® for Hyperhidrosis

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Purchase Dysport® to temporarily reduce excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis.

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Hyperhidrosis means excessive sweating, underarm, hand and feet sweating – all of which are usually very annoying and can interfere with social activities. Dysport® is FDA approved, easy to inject, safe and effective for the treatment of severe underarm sweating when topical agents prove to be ineffective. Such a injection is also effective for hand and feet sweating.

During the procedure at the doctor's office, a small amount of Dysport® is injected into the affected underarm area through a very fine needle. In a short appointment with your dermatologist, about 15 injections are made to the underarm area.

The actual procedure takes about 10 to 15 minutes and lasts up to 201 days or 6.7 months. You should notice a significant reduction in underarm sweating within 4 weeks of your first treatment. If you do not see a significant reduction in sweating, you should contact your healthcare provider and request a follow-up consultation.

Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Multiple clinical studies has shown that Dysport effectively reduces underarm sweating anywhere between 60% to 80%.
  • The median duration of response for patients for treatment of excessive sweating was 6.7 months.This treatment is not a cure. 
  • Excessive sweating will return gradually and you will know when the time is right for another treatment. 
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The recommended initial dosage is 100 units per axilla. If the desired effect is not attained, up to 200 units per axilla can be administered for subsequent injections.
The area to be injected should be determined beforehand using the iodine-starch test.  Both axillae should be cleaned and disinfected. Intradermal injections at ten sites, each site receiving 10 units, 100 units per axilla, are then administered.

The maximum effect should be seen by week two after injection. In the majority of cases, the recommended dose will provide adequate suppression of sweat secretion for
approximately 48 weeks. The time point for further applications should be determined on an individual basis, when the patient's sweat secretion has returned to an unacceptable level, but not more often than every 12 weeks. There is some evidence for a cumulative effect of repeated doses so the time of each treatment for a given patient should be assessed individually. The maximum dose administered must not exceed 200 units per axilla.

Children: The safety and effectiveness of Dysport in the treatment of axillary hyperhydrosis in children has not been demonstrated.




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