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A physician-tested, safe, pain-free and natural treatment for molluscum contagiosum.
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MolluscumRx offers a physician-tested, safe, pain-free and natural treatment for molluscum contagiosum in children and adults. It is available without a prescription, and can be administered without a trip to the doctor’s office. Put simply, MolluscumRx is the easiest and least invasive way to treat molluscum contagiosum. MolluscumRx is a proprietary blend of naturally-occurring phytochemicals. MolluscumRx is derived from plant resins and contains water, procyanidins, myrrh, melaluca, oils and calendula. It contains no preservatives.

Additional Info

Additional Info

  • physician-tested and safe.
  • pain-free treatment for children and adults.
  • available without a prescription.
  • natural, plant-derived formula.
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  1. Clean the affected area and let dry.
  2. Place a small drop of MolluscumRx on the lesion, rub gently in a circular motion (until you see a whitish paste form) and let the formula dry for 3 minutes. When the formula has completely dried, you’ll notice that it looks similar to a liquid bandage.
  3. Apply MolluscumRx twice (2x) per day until the lesions are completely gone. The full treatment process typically takes 3 to 4 weeks.



Proanthocyanidins can be found in many plants. They have antioxidant activity and play an important role in the stabilization of collagen and maintenance of elastin — two critical proteins in connective tissue that support organs, joints, blood vessels and muscle. Proanthocyanidins have been sold as nutritional and therapeutic supplements in Europe since the 1980s. More recently, they have been used as successful components of treatment in the United States.


Myrrh is the aromatic oleoresin of a number of small, thorny tree species of the genus Commiphora, which grow in dry, stony soil. In pharmacy, myrrh is used as an antiseptic in mouthwashes, gargles and toothpastes for prevention and treatment of gum disease. Myrrh is currently used in some liniments and healing salves that may be applied to abrasions and other minor skin ailments. Myrrh has also been recommended as an analgesic for toothaches, and can be used in liniment for bruises, aches and sprains.


The plant has long been known to promote healing of the skin. Other studies have indicated that calendala has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Calendula in suspension or in tincture is used topically to treat acne, reducing inflammation, controlling bleeding, and soothing irritated tissue.


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